Connecting Wireless Data: Deploying IoT Everywhere

As IoT becomes increasingly essential for business operations, the need to deploy IoT applications everywhere puts greater emphasis on wireless connectivity of all types – including cellular, LoRa, satellite and Wi-Fi.

  • Numerous satellite IoT constellations are now deployed or being deployed
  • LoRaWAN is taking off everywhere
  • 5G rollout is putting cellular IoT on steroids
  • Private cellular networking is now hugely attractive for enterprise IoT
  • Wi-Fi has graduated to Wi-Fi 6 and soon Wi-Fi 7 with IoT as a key target

Find out the types of connectivity that are being adopted to meet evolving business objectives and the outcomes being seen.

Answering critical questions including:

  • Are these connectivities competing or complementary?
  • Where does each fit in the overall IoT market?
  • To what extent are these converging?
  • What about IoT Security? How do you ensure IoT solutions and data can be trusted?
  • How do you ensure such IoT security can scale fast enough?

This report includes exclusive interviews with business leaders and survey findings from enterprise users and product makers as well as IoT solution providers and suppliers.

What’s important to them as they see the IoT market rapidly developing?

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LoRa lines-up well from a cost perspective. You have the ability to roll-out a fully private network that is actually cellular like.

VP Business Development. Providing LoRaWAN, NB-IoT Gateways, Sensors and custom applications.

A Feature of satellite IoT is that many operations have critical communication needs, in that high reliability is essential.

Director, Product and Commercial (Global). Providing global coverage and high broadband capacity on LEO constellation.

Healthcare is a big area for eSIM/iSIM. Some patients don’t have Wi-Fi access for health monitoring and cellular is another option in wearables for remote patient monitoring applications. These devices are very small so the need for eSIM/iSIM is very high.

SVP global OEM sales. Major SIM Card Manufacturer Globally offers Interoperability as a Service.

The potential for NB-IoT and LTE-M is huge.

Network Engineer. Providing solutions in 5G, LTE, IoT private nets, global services, management and security.

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